Starfield - Angry Review

Angry Joe gives Starfield a mixed review, describing it as a disappointment overall. They discuss various issues such as restrictive gameplay, lack of enemy variety, excessive loading screens, and uninteresting quests. The companions and romance options are also deemed lackluster. However, the reviewer does acknowledge some positive aspects, including solid combat mechanics, ship building, and the potential for modding. Starfield receives a rating of 6 out of 10 and is seen as an average game with room for improvement.

The Starfield review provided a mixed review of the game, highlighting its flaws and disappointments. The reviewer played the game for over 100 hours and found that it did not live up to the expectations set by Bethesda.

The game suffered from numerous loading screens, restricting the player’s ability to freely explore the galaxy. The map system was confusing and lacked clarity, making it difficult to navigate.

The main storyline and quest lines were lackluster, with unmemorable characters and uninspiring quests. The faction system limited player choices and created repetitive gameplay.

Combat and gunplay were solid and enjoyable, but the AI was lacking in intelligence and posed little challenge. Space combat was basic but functional.

Ship building was a standout feature, allowing players to create unique designs. However, the lack of a sharing system for these designs limited the ability to showcase and enjoy the creations of other players.

The game’s atmosphere and visuals were underwhelming, lacking variety and interesting locations. The lack of alien species and engaging side quests made exploration feel tedious and unfulfilling.

Companions were uninteresting and frequently complained, creating a sense of annoyance rather than camaraderie. Romance options were lackluster and poorly executed.

The game’s limitations and restrictions, such as the inability to play as a space pirate or engage in certain actions without consequences, made it feel less immersive and restricted player agency.

Overall, the review concluded that Starfield was a disappointment, with a score of 6 out of 10. While it had some positive aspects, such as ship building and combat, it fell short in delivering a satisfying and engaging experience. The reviewer expressed hope for future Bethesda games, particularly Elder Scrolls 6, to address these shortcomings and provide a more immersive and compelling gameplay experience.