Starfield - ALL NEW HUGE Update - Trackers Alliance (Bounty Hunting), Creation Kit and More!

The latest update for Starfield introduces the Trackers Alliance faction focused on bounty hunting, along with the Creation Kit for accessing player-created content. The update includes new missions, such as “The Vulture,” new gameplay elements like a scanning system for bounties, crafting ammo, and improved weapons tiers, as well as the introduction of the Creation Kit for modders and content creators.

The latest update for Starfield introduces the Trackers Alliance, a new faction focused on bounty hunting. Players can join this alliance, take on missions from the mission board, and hunt down targets for rewards. The update also includes the Creation Kit, which allows players to access new content created by modders and Bethesda. One of the new missions available from the Trackers Alliance is called “The Vulture,” which comes at a price and includes new suits and weapons. The Creation Kit is now available for players to create their own content using the same tools as Bethesda.

The first mission from the Trackers Alliance is “The Star Jacker,” sending players to a chop shop to track down someone stealing ships. This mission is free with the June update, but “The Vulture” mission costs 700 creator credits, which requires players to purchase 1,000 credits for around £9 in the UK. The idea of paying for missions individually has sparked mixed reactions online, with some feeling it is too expensive. The update also introduces a new scanning system for bounties, the ability to craft ammo, and improved weapons tiers scattered throughout the game.

The addition of the Creation Kit allows players to download a variety of content, some from Bethesda and others from modders. Some mods are free while others come at a cost, like the “Star Sim Mining Conglomerate” mod that changes mining mechanics in the game for 500 credits. The creation kit is now available on Steam for free, allowing players to modify existing content or create their own within Starfield. Modders and content creators have exciting plans for the creation kit, such as adding cut content from early concept art and introducing new elements like a Dyson Sphere.

The video also mentions the first trailer for “Shattered Space,” the first DLC for Starfield set to release later this year. The DLC will be a significant focus in a separate video. Overall, the update brings new gameplay elements like bounty hunting, crafting ammo, and improved weapons tiers. The addition of the Creation Kit opens up possibilities for players to create and modify content, with modders already working on various mods to enhance the Starfield experience. The community’s response to the update has been mixed, with some excited about the new content and others concerned about the pricing of certain missions.