Star Citizen's New Fire Tech Looks Amazing AND Dangerous!

The VFX team at Cloud Imperium showcased their work on fire and lightning effects in the latest episode of Inside Star Citizen, aiming to create visually stunning and dangerous experiences for players. Alongside the impressive effects, the Salvage mechanics and missions offer players the opportunity to explore and profit from abandoned ships, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay of Star Citizen.

In a recent episode of Inside Star Citizen, the focus was on the VFX team at Cloud Imperium and their work on creating visually stunning effects for the game. The team has built up a wide range of skills over the past nine years, allowing them to create dynamic and realistic effects for various aspects of the game, including FPS weapons and environmental effects. They work closely with other teams to bring their submissions to life and contribute to the overall immersive experience of the game.

One area the VFX team is currently working on is fire and lightning effects. The fire effects are being designed to look amazing and dangerous, adding a sense of danger and intensity to gameplay. Fire hazards will consume oxygen and damage the environment, requiring players to actively put out fires and manage their ship’s life support systems. Lightning effects in gas clouds will strike objects and ships, including players in EVA, making certain areas more hazardous.

The episode also introduced the Salvage mechanics and missions currently available in-game. Salvage involves stripping abandoned ships for materials that can be sold at specific stations. Players can use various ships or handheld tools with salvage attachments to complete these missions. The Salvage mechanics offer a unique gameplay experience, allowing players to explore and extract valuable items from derelict ships. As players progress, they can access more valuable contracts and larger ships for salvage operations.

The VFX team continues to add and update effects in the game, enhancing the overall visual experience. Additionally, a range of ships designed for salvage gameplay are available for purchase, including the Drake Vulture and Aegis Reclaimer. These ships, along with their attachments, allow players to efficiently strip ships and gather valuable components. The salvage gameplay mechanic has been well received, offering players exciting opportunities to explore, salvage, and profit from abandoned ships.

Overall, the VFX team’s work on fire and other effects, combined with the engaging Salvage mechanics, adds depth and excitement to Star Citizen gameplay. Players can look forward to more immersive experiences as fire and lightning effects are further developed, and the Salvage gameplay evolves with additional features and missions.