Star Citizen's HUGE Ship Combat Changes - FreeFly & New Events Incoming!

This video discusses the upcoming changes to ship combat in Star Citizen, including updates to flight combat and gimbals. The video also mentions the release of the monthly update for RSI subscribers, upcoming events, and other topics such as accessibility options and a possible Citizen Con event.

In this video, the speaker discusses the upcoming changes to ship combat in Star Citizen. They mention that Cloud Imperium Games will be making updates to flight combat and gimbals, which will have a significant impact on the game. They also mention the release of the monthly update for RSI subscribers, as well as the first road map update of the year. The release date for Alpha 3.23 is uncertain, but it is expected to come out at the end of March or early Q2. The video also highlights two events, the Red Festival and CTERMO, which will feature a free fly event and a referral bonus.

The speaker then delves into the details of the ship combat updates. They mention that all ship weapons will be converted to gimbals, with some changes to the gimbals themselves. Fixed mounts will be removed, and weapons will only be fixed in rare cases. The Vanguard ship will have its nose guns remain fixed, while the chin mount will be gimbaled. The developers emphasize the importance of testing the new combat system in the Master Mode related Arena Commander modes. They also address questions about weapon scaling, beam weapons for fighters, and the inclusion of anti-fighter guns.

The video also covers other topics, such as the inclusion of accessibility options for color-blind and visually impaired players. The speaker mentions the possibility of a Citizen Con event in Manchester, UK, based on discussions on Reddit. They conclude by asking for viewer feedback on the upcoming changes and expressing their excitement for Alpha 3.23 and the improvements to ship combat.

The speaker also takes the opportunity to promote NordVPN, a service they use and recommend. They mention a ship giveaway for February and express gratitude to their supporters for helping the channel grow.