Star Citizen's Experimental Modes Spice Things Up - Tank Royale - Infinite Wave Swarm

Welcome to Star Citizen! In Alpha 3.20 amid Star Marine and Arena Commander updates, the new patch Live for this weekend looks to be more likely next week. Reddit will be having a 3-day blackout from 12th-14th of June in protest of policy changes for third-party developers. Among the many new and updated features, experimental modes such as single weapon elimination, gun rush and tank Royale will be included. Star Marine and Arena Commander will also both have the new front end, VoIP, new maps, and bug fixes to make your experience more polished. There are also four updated race tracks for the new Horizon Speedway, and the ability for multi-crew in combat modes. There is also the possibility of alien ship sales and specials during the week-long Alien Week, starting 15th of June.

Two new PTU patches have been released recently, and there is still speculation of when the patch could go live. Even though there have been several fixes and features included in both patches, there are still a few major issues to be addressed, such as open hangar doors and signages being blurry. They are also working on a betting module for racing, as well as a tractor beam, and a way to shorten text chat.

Clan Imperium and CIG have gone through a series of go/no-go meetings on what content will be included in the 3.20 patch. There is no confirmation yet on the Dogfighting Combat Map on Planet Green, but if it does make it to 3.20, the features included will be the Arena Commander front end, new spawning system, Death Cams, new scoreboard system, and four new/updated race tracks. Winners Arena is coming soon, and a video soon to come on which features to expect.

Overall, we are expecting a lot of exciting updates to Alpha 3.20 this summer!