Star Citizen: You Should Try JumpTown

"I’ve been getting Involved in this Jumptown event, and that’s not something I normally do! And if you’re like me and tend to avoid this Event, I’m here to tell you to give it a go!

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2:00 Something Different I"

Jump Town is a dynamic event in Star Citizen that encourages players to mix their normal activities with combat. Players can choose to join the regional security forces or the shady ‘holographic fixer-rut’ to take part in the event, earning a chunk of change in the process. Taking part in such events can benefit players even if they don’t partake in PVP, as it provides valuable experience in a controlled environment.

The game encourages players to think outside the box when it comes to earning Alpha UEC, as wipes are imminent and the final version of the game is far from reach. Dynamic events such as Jump Town offer the chance to change the narrative of your experiences in the Verse. Money is not everything; while it is possible to earn a sizable sum from the event, it is the experience that really stands out as memorable.

Although Jump Town can be quite chaotic, with factions juking it out for control, it doesn’t always have to be an all-action assault. Players can use the opportunity to test out their ship’s signature range, remain invisible in their Horizon Post death suit and helmet and watch different factions without getting involved in the conflict. By saying yes when Jump Town calls, the experience allows players to gain new perspectives, challenge themselves to take risks and enjoy the game just a little bit more.