Star Citizen - Will this change kill large ships?

"Hello Citizens!
In today’s video I want to go over the engineering demo at CitizenCon and analyze some concerns the backers have about the new features. Enjoy!


In this video, the upcoming engineering changes and their impact on multi-crew gameplay and large ships in Star Citizen are discussed. Resource management and repairs will mainly apply to large ships, possibly those with multiple crew slots or medium-sized ships. This raises concerns about the frequency of maintenance and repairs while in-flight, as backers worry it may become tedious and inconvenient. However, the frequency of these tasks remains uncertain and may be adjusted based on feedback.

Another change is that large ships will operate at an energy deficit, meaning they won’t generate enough power to keep all systems active at once. This will require players to disable certain systems to maximize the performance of others. However, the justification for ships being built without adequate power generation is unclear, especially when considering the existing power triangle system. It’s also unknown how this change will interact with Master modes, as the demonstration focused on the Gladius.

Furthermore, the implementation of physicalized damage component repair and damage control is welcomed by players. Repairing components on the ship using a “magic beam” method is the fastest way to achieve tier zero of component repair. However, some players express a preference for a more complex repair mechanic for components reduced to zero health, rather than being instantly destroyed. The introduction of physicalized components and damage increases survivability, allowing disabled ships to potentially get back up and running or retreat.

One concern raised is whether the existing crew capacity on large ships will be sufficient to handle all positions and damage control simultaneously. However, most large ships have at least one engineer position for damage control, and capital ships may have multiple positions for the same task. Additionally, if a ship sustains damage, gunners manning disabled turrets could assist with repairs and fire suppression. The issue of moving around a ship during maneuvers, which can be dangerous due to force reactions, may be addressed as CIG is reworking force reactions.

Overall, the impact of these engineering changes on balance and the power of large ships remains to be seen. It is uncertain if large ships will become more or less powerful, and player opinions will likely vary. The role of a ship engineer also becomes relevant, as players will need to manage resources, prioritize systems, and perform repairs.