Star Citizen - Why we can't find items

The video discusses the issue of item availability in shops in Star Citizen, highlighting the frustrations players face when trying to find specific items. It explores the balance between item scarcity for gameplay depth and the need for improved accessibility, proposing solutions based on planetary economic development and logistics capabilities.

In the video, the speaker discusses the issue of item availability in shops in Star Citizen, highlighting the current system’s limitations and proposing potential improvements. Players often find themselves unable to locate specific items they need in shops after a new patch, leading to frustration and time-consuming searches. This has given rise to tools like the item finder and The Armory, created by the speaker, to help players locate desired gear.

The video explores two perspectives on the scarcity of items in the game. On one hand, item scarcity can be seen as a way to balance the game by making certain items rare and difficult to obtain. This aligns with the concept of rare and epic loot in most MMOs, which CIG aims to incorporate into Star Citizen. However, the speaker acknowledges that spending excessive time searching for common gear can become tedious and detract from the overall gameplay experience.

The speaker delves into a possible lore explanation for the limited availability of items in the game. They suggest that the vast logistics network required to deliver goods across hundreds of star systems and planets in the game universe may lead to shortages and local production of essential goods. The introduction of fabricators in the game allows players to manufacture items with the correct blueprint and resources, albeit at a slower and less efficient pace.

The video proposes a solution to address item availability in different planetary systems based on their economic development and logistics capabilities. Developed planets like AR Corp would have factory setups for mass production, resulting in lower prices for common goods due to proximity to manufacturing facilities. In contrast, remote planets with smaller economies may rely on intermediate suppliers or fabricators to obtain goods, leading to higher prices and limited availability.

The speaker also touches upon the implications of item availability in lawless systems like Pyro, where official supply chains may be nonexistent. In such regions, items for sale could come from semi-legitimate suppliers, smugglers, or local fabrication using available resources. The video concludes by prompting viewers to consider the impact of player-owned fabricators on the game’s economy and encourages discussion on the balance between item availability and pricing.