Star Citizen - Where are the capital ships?

“Hello Citizens!
In today’s video I want to talk about capital ships, what is their status and what is blocking development. Enjoy!”

Capital ships have been a concept for many years and Star Citizen, although featuring other vessels like the Idris and Javelin, does not seem to be any closer to seeing these massive ships in the game. Before looking at why they haven’t seen the light of day, it is worth noting that at least the Polaris is in active development for Squadron 42; this could signal a release in the near future.

The primary causes for the lack of capital ship implementation are the absence of core gameplay functions, as well as an insufficient space to showcase them. Performance would be severely affected with several ships since the economy is not currently able to support their use at full capacity. Furthermore, the current number of missions with considerable reward would not be able to accommodate a need for these vessels. Additionally, when designing them, CIG must continue to adhere to the new design language for each manufacturer to remain true to what was pledged initially.

Once the game is able to run more efficiently, capital ship battles can become commonplace; however, until then, it is down to player ambition or large organisations with extensive backgrounds and deep pockets. With the allure of great rewards and the necessity of appropriate Logistical planning, capital ships will only be used when absolutely necessary and for a short length of time. As the focus shifts, these ships can eventually be used to their full potential with strategic deployments; until then, they remain on the backburner.