Star citizen - when versatility meets cool - nomad


In this video we take a closer look at Star Citizens Nomad the space ship variant of a modern day pick up truck. This ship has some excellent features - rear open cargo hold, bed, kitchen and not to mention hover tech. Over the past year i have been using this ship often due to its easy to fly flight model and because of its superb utility. Its a great ship and a solid start for anyone who may just be starting out in the verse"

Consolidated Outland’s Nomad ship, a unique combination of unconventional design and no-frills performance. It comes with a 24 SCU capacity external cargo hold which is suitable for expeditions and long trips. The ship offers an onboard bed for extra security and comfortable laser repeaters. The Nomad prototype, which initially cost about 750 000 UEC, has increased in price to a million credits, primarily due to the development of hover technology to sustain the exterior cargo hold.

The Nomad is a convenient and versatile space pickup truck. It is particularly popular for Greycat Roc mining, fits multiple different vehicles, and comes with three weapon systems. It also features a tractor beam on a size one utility mount, which makes it easy to transfer cargo on and off its hull. It’s a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing ship to fly, especially for those interested in chilling mini cargo running excursions or rock mining expeditions.

The interior of the Nomad is clean, simple, yet elegant, equipped with a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and gun racks. It includes hovertech which allows it to levitate its landing gear, gives it a unique look, and is particularly useful for cargo. The ship has many useful features including three weapon systems, eight size two missiles storage, size one utility mount tracker beam, and a cargo space that can accommodate a cyclone gray cat rock. It’s an excellent choice for players who want to engage in non-combat activities in the Star Citizen universe.

In this video, the speaker provides an in-depth and meticulous review of the Consolidated Outland Nomad - a versatile, single-crew spaceship from the game Star Citizen. They praise the unconventional yet efficient design of the ship and its performance. The Nomad offers a modest 24 SCU cargo capacity and unique features such as an exposed cargo bay akin to industrial haulers. The ship’s aesthetics combined with functionalities bought together by its under-the-hood design prompts the speaker to proclaim it as a perfect vessel for space journeys.

The Nomad’s development journey dating back to 2942 is also highlighted in the video. It began as Dr. Charlotte Roland’s vision to create a competitor to the RSI constellation spacecraft. Changes over time, including a shift to a single-crew design, led to Roland’s resignation, leading to significant delays. Yet, the Nomad survived and evolved, retaining its unique exterior cargo hold.

In spite of its industrial and utilitarian design, the speaker emphasizes the elegance and comfort found within the ship. The Nomad possesses spacious, pleasing interiors with practical amenities, including a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and gun racks. With its surprising internal comfort and amenities, alongside convenient access to the laser repeaters, the speaker feels the Nomad offers an extra layer of security desirable in space travel.

The Nomad truly shines in its impressive array of features. With unique levitating Landing emitters, makes the ship hover over surfaces rather than land. Its ability to hold up to eight size two missiles and three shields demonstrate its defensive capabilities. The hovertech and open cargo bed design allow versatile usage, including favorable interaction with the Grey Cat Rock for mining. An add-on advantage is the ship’s tractor beam that makes cargo transfer effortless.

The speaker acknowledges that The Nomad is ideal for players who prefer explorative and non-combat gameplay. It offers potential for minor cargo runs, exploration, and profitable mineral mining, especially with the helpful Grey Cat Rock. While combat is possible with The Nomad, the speaker sees its strength in offering different gameplay experiences, emphasizing a more relaxed, pleasing side of Star Citizen.

The Nomad, with its sleek and aggressive exterior, along with an innovative design, presents a striking contrast. The speaker notes how this ship manages to create a deep connection with the players with more usage. The detailed focus on components and structure, easy manoeuvrability, and a well-balanced mix of simple yet effective aesthetics in the design make The Nomad a notable spacecraft in the Star Citizen’s fleet.

To summarize, this video provides a detailed review and appreciation of the Nomad, a ship from Star Citizen’s fleet. Boasting an unconventional design, loaded with effective defence mechanisms, spacious interiors, and a unique blend of in-game functionalities, the Nomad stands out as a highly versatile spacecraft offering a balanced mix of combat, exploration, and mining utility. While the ship has evolved significantly since its inception, it offers players a relaxed, exploratory gameplay option, favouring non-combat and mining operations. The Consolidated Outland Nomad proves to be a commendable blend of innovative design, comfort, versatility, and gaming experience.