Star Citizen What's Going On - Events, Zeus MK2, Hidden Features & In Game Branding

Star Citizen is currently hosting the Red Festival, which includes events, promotions, and new game modes in Arena Commander. The game is also getting updates such as the RSI Zeus Mark 2’s cockpit preview and the addition of cargo missions, while the branding team is working on creating a consistent and immersive world through logos, ads, and visual elements.

This week in Star Citizen, there are several events and promotions happening. The Red Festival is live, offering a free fly and extra bonuses. There is also a big ship sale going on. The festival includes new Arena Commander game modes, such as kill collector and 2v2 ship fighting. Additionally, there is a free flight event until February 15th, allowing players to try out different ships. There is also a referral bonus where both the referrer and the new player receive a dragonfly and a red alert equipment set.

The sneak peek for this week revealed the RSI Zeus Mark 2’s cockpit, which is being worked on by Clan and Pum. It is expected to be released later this year, along with other RSI ships like the Polaris. The road map update also mentioned that cargo missions, persistent hangars, and freight elevators will be part of the upcoming alpha 3.23 patch. These additions will greatly enhance the gameplay and economy of the game.

The current alpha build, 3.22.15, has been released with bug fixes and improvements. CIG has been testing specific phases of a new Dynamic Xeno threat event called the data heist. Inside Star Citizen and Star Citizen Live provided insights into the development process and the expanding branding team. The branding team works on creating a believable world through logos, ads, and other visual elements. They ensure consistency and cohesion across all brands, companies, and manufacturers in the game.

The team showcased their work on various brands and manufacturers, such as Marai, Drake, and Crusader. They discussed how branding helps players understand the identity and characteristics of each manufacturer and adds to the immersive storytelling. The team has built tools like a brand catalog and has incorporated graffiti and signage to add depth to different areas and factions. Next week’s Inside Star Citizen will focus on distribution centers coming to alpha 3.23.

In conclusion, Star Citizen is currently hosting the Red Festival with various events and promotions. The game modes in Arena Commander are being enjoyed by players, and there is a ship sale running. The RSI Zeus Mark 2’s cockpit was previewed, and cargo missions will be added in the upcoming patch. The branding team is working on creating a consistent and immersive world, and they showcased their work on different manufacturers. The next update will introduce distribution centers to the game.