Star Citizen What's Going On - Alpha 3.23 Features SOON!

This video discusses the recent updates in Star Citizen, including the release of Alpha 3.22 and the ongoing Siege of Orison event. It also teases the upcoming Alpha 3.23 patch, highlighting features such as updated EVA mechanics and the personal interaction system, while mentioning developer responses to player feedback and the upcoming monthly reports and road map updates.

In this video, the host discusses the latest updates and features coming to Star Citizen. The host mentions that Alpha 3.22 has been released, which includes bug fixes and updates for the Siege of Orison event. The event will run until February 5th and offers action-packed adventures in the once-idyllic city of Orison. The host also mentions that server crash recovery and the channel replication layer were tested and performed well, which will improve stability and redundancy in the game.

The video then goes on to discuss the upcoming Alpha 3.23 patch. The host speculates that there will be special events, possibly related to the Lunar New Year, and mentions that Inside Star Citizen will have an episode dedicated to the new features in the patch, including updated EVA mechanics and the personal interaction system. The host expresses excitement about the upcoming episode of Weekly Star Citizen, which will provide more details about the scope of the work for the next patch.

The host also summarizes various developer responses to player feedback. Some topics discussed include balancing the F7 Hornet ship, addressing the distortion meta in PvP, and reducing excessive smog and clouds around certain areas. There are also mentions of flight and combat updates, including the addition of a minimum air speed indicator, improvements to cargo transfer, and the potential for changes to PvP in the Siege of Orison event.

The video concludes by mentioning that the monthly reports and road map updates will be coming soon, and the host encourages viewers to leave feedback and participate in the ongoing development of Star Citizen. The host also reminds viewers of the ongoing ship giveaway and thanks the community for their support.