Star Citizen What's Going On - Alpha 3.23 Evo Updates, Mirrors, New Flagship & More Rewards

The latest Star Citizen update discusses preparations for Alpha 3.23, including new assignments, rewards, and the introduction of the Raptor vehicle. The community is eagerly anticipating the upcoming roadmap update, improvements to rendering and lighting, and discussions on cargo gameplay and future updates in Star Citizen Live.

In the latest Star Citizen update, preparations are being made for the release of Alpha 3.23, with a build already sent out to Evocati for testing. The Civilian Defense Forces battle against the Xeno threat continues with the Overdrive Initiative entering phase three, offering new assignments and potential rewards for players. The Raptor vehicle is now available, adding to the gameplay experience. Subscriber perks for April include new flare items such as skins and water bottles, available for Centurion and Imperator subscribers.

The upcoming roadmap update is highly anticipated, expected to reveal more details about the features included in Alpha 3.23. The Inside Star Citizen series will cover the updated user experience in this patch, focusing on the MobiGlas and star map improvements. Jump Town Dynamic event will open again, offering opportunities for players to engage in lucrative activities. Additionally, preparations for Citizen Con in Manchester are underway, promising to be the biggest event yet.

The Evocati patch for Alpha 3.23 has addressed numerous issues, including bug fixes for AI, spawn issues, and crashes. The patch also brings improvements to rendering distance and lighting, enhancing the overall visual experience. Dev responses touch on the challenges of implementing working mirrors in the game and the need for better death animations to improve gameplay feedback. Players have reported AI issues in combat scenarios, prompting adjustments to the UEE response fleet.

Star Citizen Live will feature discussions on cargo gameplay and potential future updates. The ongoing Overdrive Initiative offers players the chance to earn rewards beyond ship upgrades, such as armor and flare items. The community is encouraged to engage with the game through events like Jump Town and upcoming Citizen Con. The text also highlights the importance of viewer support through memberships and sponsorships, which help sustain the creation of daily Star Citizen content. The post concludes with an invitation for feedback and participation from the audience.