Star Citizen: What Other Ships Need a "Mark 2"

In the video, Daniel Raymond explores the idea of introducing “Mark 2” versions for various ships in Star Citizen, proposing improvements such as enhanced handling features, larger cargo capacities, and upgraded amenities for crew comfort. He envisions upgrades for ships like the Aurora, Mustang, 300 series, Freelancers, Cutlass, Avenger, Starfarer, Caterpillar, Terrapin, Star Runner, Rock, Rock DS, and Raft, aiming to enhance functionality and user experience in the game.

In the video, Daniel Raymond discusses the concept of ships in Star Citizen receiving a “Mark 2” version, similar to how a ship was recently retired and replaced with a newer version. He reflects on the evolution of products in the real world and suggests improvements for various ships in the game. For example, he proposes that the Aurora Mark 2 could have fins that swing out for better handling in atmosphere, while the Mustang Mark 2 could feature a cargo box that swings down flat for easier loading and unloading.

Raymond also envisions upgrades for ships like the 300 series, Freelancers, and Cutlass. He suggests making the Freelancer taller to accommodate larger cargo containers, adding a real airlock, and incorporating a remote turret and tractor beam. The Cutlass could benefit from a remote turret and the addition of a toilet-shower combination for improved crew comfort. Additionally, he proposes changes for other ships like the Avenger, Starfarer, Caterpillar, and Terrapin to enhance their functionality and user experience.

Furthermore, Raymond suggests improvements for the Star Runner, Rock, and Rock DS ships. He recommends replacing the half lift with a stair on the Star Runner and adding a secret hatch for easier access to the landing gear. The Rock Mark 1 could feature interchangeable heads for mining, salvage, and tractor operations, while the Rock DS Mark 1 might resemble the Ursa with a two-seat tandem cabin and large remote arms for various tasks.

Lastly, Raymond discusses potential upgrades for the Raft ship, focusing on utilizing cargo grid technology to increase cargo capacity and efficiency. He proposes redesigning the cargo-holding mechanism to allow for closer packing of containers, potentially increasing cargo capacity from 96 SCU to 128 SCU. Raymond also mentions ongoing giveaways for viewers, including a special membership to support live event coverage and ship giveaways. He encourages viewers to participate in the giveaways and concludes by wishing everyone safe travels in the game.