Star Citizen: What fits inside of a Valkyrie?

The video details the capacity of the Valkyrie in Star Citizen to transport an array of vehicles, such as dragonflies, Knox’s, Cyclones, Kruger ships, and grey cats, each with varying limits for a comfortable fit versus maximum fit. The presenter also clarifies that certain ships like the Pisces, M50, 85X and yet-to-be-released vehicles cannot fit inside the Valkyrie but may be tested once available in the game.

The video discusses the capacity of the Valkyrie, a military-grade dropship in Star Citizen, to transport a variety of vehicles. The Valkyrie’s vehicle bay can comfortably accommodate a vehicle the size of an Ursa Rover. The presenter has a specific criteria for a “comfortable fit” that includes ensuring both driver and passenger can exit the vehicle easily and that it does not hang over the side. The vehicle should also be adequately spaced apart to prevent possible collision and should be easily inserted and removed without causing any damage.

The video begins with the demonstration of transporting dragonflies. In a comfortable fit scenario, it is recommended to transport only three dragonflies in a Valkyrie simultaneously. Extending the barricade can ensure that no one will block the entrance, thereby reducing chances of accidents. However, if the need arises, by parking meticulously, a total of six dragonflies can fit in the vehicle bay of a Valkyrie.

In addition to dragonflies, Valkyrie’s vehicle bay can also accommodate Knox vehicles and Cyclones. While three Knox’s can comfortably fit within the bay, pushing beyond the comfortable fit limit can yield a total of six Knox’s. Similarly, in a comfortable fit scenario, only two Cyclones can be transported simultaneously. However, with careful arrangement, the vehicle bay can hold up to four Cyclones. If the situation demands, even six Cyclones can be fitted, but the drivers and passengers must stay in their vehicles during transport.

Kruger ships like the Merlin or Archimedes fit well within the Valkyrie, with the razor just fitting inside. Also, the Ursa rover that almost entirely fills up the space in the rover bay can be carried without requiring turret lowering beforehand. However, when it comes to small vehicles, a total of 12 grey cats can be transported, yielding amusing imagery of a full strike force of soldiers rolling out of the Valkyrie, each on their individual futuristic golf cart.

Lastly, the presenter clarifies that ships like the Pisces, M50, and 85X cannot fit inside the Valkyrie. Also, the yet-to-be-released in-game vehicles like the x1, the velocity, and the force along with Rangers have not been covered in the video, but the intention to revisit them in the future once they are released in-game was expressed. With careful planning and consideration, the Valkyrie’s vehicle bay can be maximised for transporting a substantial number of vehicles.