Star Citizen Week in Review - This Patch is WAY Better Than I Thought | 3.20

In this Star Citizen week in review, Salty Mike discusses the surprising improvements in patch 3.20 on the PTU. He highlights updates such as the new Seraphim station, improved cargo system, salvage missions, vehicle and AI improvements, Arena Commander enhancements, and mentions of the roadmap update and CitizenCon event.

In this Star Citizen week in review video, Salty Mike discusses the latest patch, 3.20, which is on the PTU (Public Test Universe). He expresses his surprise that the patch is much better than expected, despite the lack of video updates. He also mentions that it seems like Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is trying to maximize revenue from their backers, which he finds typical. Salty Mike then proceeds to provide an overview of the patch notes.

Some notable updates in patch 3.20 include the replacement of the Alisar station with the new Seraphim station. He also discusses the new cargo system, where players must first land or dock at a station, buy or sell cargo at a terminal, and then fly their ship to a new location to load or unload the cargo. Salty Mike notes that it can be clunky, but it seems to be working for him.

The patch also introduces a new salvage mission called “Cover-up,” where players must scrap a Nine-Tail ship before security arrives. Additionally, there are updates to ground vehicles and ship AI, making each vehicle more distinct in their roles. Salty Mike also mentions improvements to mining stability, which he believes will enhance the mining experience.

Salty Mike goes on to discuss the updates made to Arena Commander, noting that many consider this patch a significant improvement for the game mode. He mentions several changes, such as new badges, experimental game modes, and new maps. However, he notes that there is still room for polish and improvements in the FPS combat.

The video concludes with a brief mention of the roadmap update, ship voting, the release of the Jump Point magazine, and the controversial CitizenCon digital goodies package. Salty Mike shares his skepticism about the upcoming CitizenCon event and expresses his focus on the actual game updates rather than financial milestones. The video ends with a plea for feedback from viewers.