Star Citizen Week in Review - They Said So Much This Week...Will They Act?

This Star Citizen Week in Review covers the latest patches, including bug fixes, and discusses the long-term persistence update. Updates on AI features, ship art progress, gameplay features, and video updates are also highlighted, providing insight into the future plans and progress of the game.

In this Star Citizen Week in Review, the host discusses the latest patches, including bug fixes and crash fixes. He also mentions the long-term persistence update, stating that ships purchased with Alpha UEC will not be wiped. However, stackable consumable items like food and ammo may be lost. The host expresses his opinion on wanting a wipe due to exploits but acknowledges that it is unlikely to happen until the release of version 4.0. The patches for the week did not make enough progress on version 3.20 to consider releasing it.

The monthly report highlights AI features, such as unarmed AI now picking up weapons at bunkers. Ship art progress includes the completion of the tumble storm and the mention of two new vehicle variants and an all-new ship in white box. The economy team is working on rebalancing cargo and creating tools to investigate the state of the cargo loop. Arena Commander changes are mentioned, including progress on private matches and spectator mode. The team also mentions the revival of Theaters of War, a mode for the Fight or Flight tournament, and investigating recoil and procedural recoil for weapons.

The gameplay features section focuses on updates to mission features, such as improvements to the Siege of Orison mission and reputation being linked to steal evidence and retrieve consignment missions. They also mention plans for mission-critical items in inventory and the continued progress of reputation-based hostility. The weapon features section discusses investigating collisions with guns and testing procedural recoil to add personality to weapons. They also mention the ability to store large items in cargo containers and work on inventory management for cargo.

The video updates section includes an Inside Star Citizen episode on cargo career and the introduction of the Napu team, a combination of teams from three different cities. They discuss features like freight elevators for interacting with cargo in hangars, instance hangars to avoid congestion, and persistent hangars that allow for customization and ownership. The Ask the Devs episode focuses on the vehicle gameplay team discussing the progress made with testing, future plans for master modes and the Quantum Enforcement Device (QED), and improvements to server stability.

Other updates mentioned include a sneak peek of the Tumble Storm, the release of the postmortem discussing successes and failures in recent updates, Pirate Week events, and a lore post about the Centoki ship.

Despite the host’s doubts about the progress of version 3.20, it is expected to be released soon. The postmortem highlights the challenges faced in previous updates, while the monthly report delves into the progress made in different areas of the game. The video updates provide insight into upcoming features and improvements, including cargo mechanics and hangar customization. Overall, the week was filled with extensive information and updates that left both excitement for the future and concerns about the current state of the game.