Star Citizen Week in Review - They Nerfed the Best Missions and IAE is Coming!

In this Star Citizen Week in Review, Salty Mike discusses the recent nerfing of lucrative missions and the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) where ships will be showcased and sold. The review also covers various patches addressing issues such as glares, tractor beams, and cargo manifests, as well as highlights from the Squadron 42 monthly report and video updates.

In this Star Citizen Week in Review, Salty Mike discusses the numerous patches that were released throughout the week. One of the major changes was the nerfing of the best money-making missions in the game, which has upset some players. The review also mentions the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE), where there will be a focus on showcasing and selling ships for the next two weeks. Salty Mike also mentions his sponsorship with Advanc GG and promotes their products.

Throughout the week, the patches addressed various issues such as removing glares from screens and improving tractor beams. The cargo manifests were also nerfed, causing frustration among players, but Salty Mike believes it was necessary to balance the game. Other improvements included adjusting ship mass and ground vehicle radar visibility.

The review also briefly mentions the Squadron 42 monthly report, highlighting features that were showcased at CitizenCon and are expected to be implemented in the near future. The engineering panel discussed the soft death system and the future of ship damage and repair mechanics.

In terms of video updates, Salty Mike discusses Inside Star Citizen and Star Citizen Live, mentioning that they focused on behind-the-scenes content and engineering discussions. He appreciates the efforts of the developers but mentions that the hype from CitizenCon has started to die down.

Lastly, Salty Mike gives an update on the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, including a schedule for ship manufacturers and the availability of paints for the best in show ships. He also shares some developer responses on topics such as controller changes, master modes, and tractor beam capabilities. The review concludes with a promotion for a subscription and mentions of purchasable med guns.

Overall, the review covers the latest patches, upcoming events, and provides insights into the development progress of Star Citizen.