Star Citizen Week in Review - They Are Killing Their Own Hype From Citizencon

In this week’s Star Citizen Week in Review, Salty Mike discusses the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, showcasing various ships and highlighting the Gatak Sulin as a standout starter ship. Updates include the introduction of vehicle tractor beams, data heist missions, and improvements to the roadmap, but issues such as desync and broken bunkers still exist.

In this week’s Star Citizen Week in Review, Salty Mike discusses the latest updates in the game. The biggest highlight was the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which overshadowed the release of patch 3.21.1. One notable addition was the introduction of vehicle tractor beams and handheld beams, allowing players to tow and salvage ships. However, some functionality is still missing and desync issues are present. Data Heist missions were also introduced, involving hacking and retrieving data from bunkers, but experiencing these missions has proven difficult due to broken bunkers. Ship trespassing without invitation now makes the owner and party members see the trespasser as hostile, and they can be killed without penalty.

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo showcased various ships, with the Gatak Sulin being the standout. This starter ship offers great value for its price, with nimble maneuverability and adequate firepower, cargo space, and a bed. The ship also has the ability to land vertically. Other ships from Aegis were also featured, and two humorous videos about a bounty hunter were released. Crusader and Tumbril ships were introduced as well, including the Crusader C1 and new versions of the Storm vehicle.

In terms of updates to the roadmap, the first 20 hair options shown at CitizenCon will be implemented by the end of the year. Settlements from CitizenCon will also be added to Stanton. Multi-crew support in Arena Commander was added, making crewing a ship with a turret more engaging. In terms of video updates, Inside Star Citizen covered the ships showcased at the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. In the Star Citizen Live session, the FPS and flight teams answered questions about various game mechanics and features. The session focused on topics such as wall hacking, automatic reload, armor in the Persistent Universe, and the challenges faced by the flight team in implementing new ideas.

Other updates included a sneak peek of a new room and a trolley used for moving boxes, a guide contest for creating Star Citizen tutorials, the buyback token schedule for 2024, and a lore post detailing the history between humans and Banu. However, the replication layer testing, which aims to address the frequent 30k disconnect issues, will be included in the upcoming 3.2.XLR update. Salty Mike concludes by wishing viewers an early Happy Thanksgiving and urging them to leave comments about anything he may have missed or discussed in the video.