Star Citizen Week in Review - The Most Anticipated Feature Is Finally Here!

In this Star Citizen Week in Review video, Salty Mike discusses the upcoming 3.20 patch and highlights the much-anticipated “Master Modes” feature. Master Modes will introduce different combat modes that focus on positional skill rather than just DPS, allowing for unique ship and weapon experiences. The team has been working on this for a long time and plans to gather feedback and improve upon it for both Squadron 42 and the Persistent Universe. However, the announcement was made in a Jump Point subscriber-exclusive content, which some viewers found disappointing.

The video also discusses the Xeno threat event, which was run again in the Public Universe despite concerns about server performance issues. Salty Mike criticizes the decision and questions the judgment of those in charge. The roadmap updates for 3.20 include a new mission called “Cover Up” focusing on hull stripping, updates to Arena Commander with new maps and racetracks, and the removal of ship trespass due to various edge cases. The Inside Star Citizen segment covers the replacement of Port Olisar with Seraphim Station, based on player feedback for simplicity and ease of navigation. Salty Mike suggests that the team could consider adding player-owned stations in the future. The episode concludes with updates on Citizen Con ticket sales and Galactopedia additions.