Star Citizen Week in Review - My Favorite Content is Coming!

In this episode of the Star Citizen Week in Review, Salty Mike discusses the latest news and updates in the game. He mentions that there is another free fly event happening, but it’s causing server issues. The focus is now on cargo and piracy missions, which Mike is excited about. He also mentions that the content drought has begun, as the game is gearing up for CitizenCon. Mike shares his thoughts on the importance of Master modes and how it will impact the game.

Moving on to the monthly report, Mike highlights a few key updates. Animation work is focused on creating bird and fish flocks, although he questions the relevance of these features in the game. Ship art section is smaller due to the recent ship sales ending, and he mentions progress on the new Argo SRV and improvements to the Cockpit of the Tokei. In terms of gameplay features, Mike discusses the prototype of a new first-person inventory system, which he believes would be a much-needed change. He also mentions progress on vehicle tractor beams and the towing capabilities of the Argo SRV.

Mike then delves into the video updates, expressing his disappointment with the recent Star Citizen Live episode, which focused on game development instead of Star Citizen itself. He questions the quality of the content being delivered, despite the improved production value. He also mentions an armor update that he finds underwhelming. Lastly, he briefly covers the Foundation Festival free fly event, subscriber rewards, and the referral reward of an STV vehicle.

Overall, Mike expresses some concerns about stagnant progress and the lack of excitement in recent updates, particularly with the constant focus on Pyro in CitizenCon presentations. He also raises questions about the direction and quality of the game’s content and updates.