Star Citizen Week in Review - 3.24 Cargo Missions are in Evo!

The Star Citizen Week in Review video for July 8th, 2024, discusses the introduction of cargo missions in the 3.24 Evo patch, highlighting issues with hangers and bugs affecting mission progression. The video also covers changes to Jumptown 2.1, updates to the law system, and ongoing developments in AI, character art, and core gameplay, while expressing optimism for future content despite a current lull in updates.

In the Star Citizen Week in Review video for July 8th, 2024, Salty Mike discusses the latest updates and developments in the game. The video covers the introduction of cargo missions in the 3.24 Evo patch, along with radar gameplay improvements and the return of Jumptown. However, the cargo missions faced significant issues, particularly with hangers and mission progression bugs, making the gameplay experience nearly unplayable for testers. Despite these challenges, the entry-level cargo mission involving picking up boxes was found to work well, with no major issues in the actual mission mechanics.

The video also touches on changes to Jumptown 2.1, where the economy team reduced the payout per box, leading to dissatisfaction among the community. The discussion then shifts to a law system update that allows players to damage or salvage unowned vehicles, with certain restrictions in place. This update is seen as a positive addition to the gameplay experience, offering more sandbox opportunities for players. Additionally, the monthly report highlights ongoing developments in AI, character art, ship art, core gameplay, economy, locations, and tech art, with a focus on improving various aspects of the game.

Salty Mike expresses some disappointment with the lack of significant content in the recent updates, hinting at a possible drought before CitizenCon. Despite this, he remains hopeful for future updates, such as the upcoming 4.0 content and cargo-related features. The video also mentions an Inside Star Citizen episode that focused on playtests for server meshing, shedding light on past developments and future plans for the game. The absence of a Star Citizen Live episode is attributed to the cargo missions update, suggesting that developers were occupied with ensuring its successful implementation.

In the video, Salty Mike speculates on the significance of the cargo missions update and its impact on the Star Citizen Live episode. He encourages viewers to engage with the community forums to ask questions and stay informed about game developments. The video concludes with a sneak peek at new armor designs and subscriber flare updates, showcasing new cosmetic options for players. Despite the current lull in updates, Salty Mike remains optimistic about the game’s future and looks forward to more engaging content in the coming weeks. Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview of recent Star Citizen updates and sets the stage for upcoming developments in the game.