Star Citizen Wars Part 5 The Escape - Star Wars in Star Citizen

In this Star Citizen Wars storyline, a captured pirate freighter holds Jedi Master Gruff Skywalker and the blueprints for the Empire’s super weapon. With the help of Smuggler DG Solo, they successfully rescue Princess Sarah and narrowly escape the Empire’s clutches, leaving behind tension and uncertainty.

In this Star Citizen Wars storyline, the Empire’s super weapon, the ring star, captures a pirate freighter that manages to escape the lockdown of the most Brio spaceport. Unbeknownst to the Empire, onboard the captured ship are Jedi Master Gruff Skywalker and his two robots carrying the blueprints of the battle station. Meanwhile, Princess Sarah, the true owner of the robots, is scheduled for termination. Gruff convinces Smuggler DG Solo to help him rescue the princess.

Anakin and Gruff discover disturbances, indicating the presence of Spectrum, Gruff’s old Master, who is believed to be dead. Spectrum confronts them, and after a brief duel, Spectrum decides to face Gruff alone. The rest of the group heads towards the prison cells to save Princess Sarah.

Upon reaching the prison cells, they find themselves trapped with no escape route. However, with quick thinking and teamwork, they manage to use a garbage chute as their only way out. They narrowly evade capture, with Spectrum’s interference, and make their way back to the ship.

As they prepare to leave, they encounter several Patrol crafts attempting to intercept them. With Gruff piloting and the group’s combined efforts, they successfully defeat their pursuers. They enter Quantum space and escape, leaving the Empire behind.

In the final moments, the Empire confirms that the homade beam, a crucial component, is secure. The story ends with lingering tension and uncertainty as Gruff expresses anger towards the situation.