Star Citizen VS Starfield REDUX

The speaker compares the games Star Citizen and Starfield, noting their strengths and weaknesses in terms of ship building, mission variety, immersion, visuals, multiplayer, and development time. They argue that while both games have their merits, there is room for improvement and emphasize the importance of not making excuses for long development times.

In this video transcription, the speaker starts by mentioning a drama between two YouTube personalities. They express their intention to make a reaction video comparing the games Star Citizen and Starfield. They acknowledge that Starfield excels in ship building and tinkering, while Star Citizen offers variety, custom detail, and large-scale functionality in its spaceships. However, they argue that both games lack diversity in terms of gameplay variety. They discuss the missions and narrative content in both games, noting that Starfield has missions focused on exploration, cargo, and combat, while Star Citizen has a limited number of mission types that are randomly generated. The speaker also points out that Starfield has more solar systems, planets, and moons to explore.

The speaker highlights the differences in immersion between the two games. They claim that Starfield allows players to make decisions that can impact the game world, but criticize its loading screens, cutscene transitions, and repeated procedural assets, which they believe detract from the immersion. They mention that Star Citizen offers impressive visuals and lighting effects, as well as the upcoming implementation of the Vulkan graphics API for improved performance. However, they also mention that Star Citizen suffers from laggy interactions and lack of modding support compared to Starfield, which already has mods available.

The speaker touches on the multiplayer aspect of both games, stating that playing with friends can enhance the experience but it should not be the sole factor in judging a game’s quality. They acknowledge that Star Citizen has impressive views and lighting effects due to the simulation nature of the game, but argue that Starfield’s looting and crafting system is more essential to gameplay. Lastly, they emphasize the need to raise standards and not make excuses for games that have been in development for a long time, specifically referring to the ten-year production of Star Citizen.

In a playful manner, the speaker ends the transcription by jokingly trapping the imaginary viewers in an elevator in a game. They also invite feedback on their video and provide links to the original video and their Patreon account.