Star Citizen Update - Beta, Skills, Locations 3.20 & Ship Showdown

Star Citizen’s latest updates reveal progress towards a beta version of Squadron 42, discussion about a new skill progression system, and a tool for creating unique structures in Alpha 3.20. The highly anticipated Ship Showdown event has begun, Alpha 3.20 is undergoing testing, and future updates will include a narrative, VFX showcase, and a walkthrough of the mission-making process.

The Star Citizen Squadron 42 and Persistent Universe monthly report disclosed a number of updates. An important highlight was talk of features and scenes preparing to move into a shippable beta for Squadron 42, indicating that many parts of the first episode are being finalized. In the persistent universe, the Polaris ship made advancements, but key news revolved around skill progression. By repeating tasks in-game, players can ostensibly improve their character’s skills, raising questions about upper limits and whether clones will inherit these enhancements, a departure from initial developer promises.

Inside Star Citizen, the Rastar tool was discussed, a new addition that enables the creation of more unique structures and points of interest in bunkers and underground facilities, due to be updated in Alpha 3.20. The initial focus is on the exterior with internal updates hopefully showcased in future reports. Star Citizen Live demonstrated the making of a functional midi boxing kit for Medi tool storage. It highlighted the development process for props and interactables and hinted at future physicalization of game items.

The newsletter sneak peek depicted a possible feature for the Pyro system, with an image of a can, grave, or shrine made from scrap. Voluntary subscribers of RSI get free monthly promotions; for August, it’s the Origin 350R ship and racing jackets. Alpha 3.20 is undergoing extended tests with the Evocati Build, suggesting it will be moving to Wave 1 Public Test Universe in the near future.

Star Citizen’s Ship Showdown event has kicked off, where participants create content spotlighting their top ship as they vie for the title of champion. Phase one lasts until August 21st, with phase two offering a free fly of the top eight ships from August 31st. The event concludes with the top four ships receiving special paint options and posters, while the top ship will be free to fly for a month.

For the coming week, narrative updates, a VFX Department showcase, and a walkthrough of the mission-making process with Elliot Maltby from the Mission Features team on Star Citizen Live are on the agenda. The previously promised post-mortem report on 3.18 and 3.19 is eagerly anticipated and will hopefully give insight into ongoing fixes and improvements for 3.20 and beyond.