Star Citizen to Reduce Claim Times in Patch 3.19.1

In the game Star Citizen, players have been voicing their concerns over the prolonged ship claim times in the game, and recently a patch was released to reduce the claim times. Prior to the patch, claiming your ship was a lengthy and tedious process after serving crashes, for example - a person playing around in an 890 Jump would have to wait up to 173 minutes, or expedite and wait for an hour, to get their ship back. This had caused many players to decrease their enthusiasm regarding the purchase of more expensive ships, due to the massive time commitment required to get them back if they were to face a server crash.

This issue has been going on in Star Citizen since at least 2020, when Captain Harlock mentioned it with a comment of ‘truly claiming the time and price is not familiar to you’, and Xylos said the team was actively monitoring and refining the in-game stats and feedback. However, again recently, with the release of the 3.19.1 PTU patch, the claim times have reduced by 40 with the minimum wait times reduced to 50 percent. This should be of great relief to those who want to be able to play the game without tedious time commitments, and to those who want to be able to take multiple ships out and explore.

Finally, some players have suggested that instead of forcing long wait times on players in the event of a server crash, perhaps they should be allowed to pay a hefty fee to reduce the wait time considerably, thus giving the freedom for players to decide on what they would like to do with their time in the game. This is a view that has met with a mixed response, with some agreeing and some disagreeing, and this is likely to be a topic of debate going forward until a solution is agreed upon.

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