Star Citizen - This situation escalated..

“I really enjoyed my recent ‘casual star citizen’ gameplay video so I thought I would continue and do a bit of a mission. The thing is, sometimes, things escalate. Unfortunately, the A2 is a bit bugged at the moment so we attempted to hit ou”

In this Star Citizen video, the player embarks on a mission to neutralize a target. They express their excitement about the potential of the game and discuss their anticipation for other upcoming space RPGs like Starfield. The player showcases their ship, The Avenger Stalker, which has unique landing gear and powerful weapons. They make their way to the mission location, encountering an unexpected crash site along the way.

Upon reaching the target’s location, the player engages in a firefight with AI enemies. They encounter some bugs and glitches, such as invisible walls and faulty reloading mechanics, which add some frustration to the gameplay. The player eventually triumphs and loots the enemy assets. They also experiment with dropping bombs and test the effectiveness of AI teammates in combat.

Despite the challenges and bugs faced, the player remains enthusiastic about Star Citizen and expresses their excitement for future updates and content. They also mention their enjoyment of the unpredictable and adventurous nature of the game. Overall, the video showcases a mix of exploration, combat, and experimentation within the Star Citizen universe.