Star Citizen - This is Pyro.. (Technical Preview Part 1)

“I can’t believe this, I actually uploaded a Star Citizen Pyro gameplay video. With the preview channel being now live for some, we can dive into the Pyro playground. Warning tho, this is very early so expect bugs and unfinished elements. Ha”

In this video, the presenter explores the Pyro system in Star Citizen, which is currently in its technical preview phase. The Pyro system offers a different experience compared to the Stanton system, with a much larger size and unique space stations to visit. The presenter emphasizes the joy of exploration and discovery in Star Citizen, especially in the new Pyro system. They showcase the beauty of one of the planets, highlighting its picturesque yellow grass and blue skies.

The video also features a mission where the presenter repairs their damaged ship and embarks on a mission within a ship hangar. They express their excitement about the level of detail in the locations, from the gritty and worn look of the buildings to the unique interiors of the space stations. The presenter mentions the absence of law and crime repercussions in Pyro, which creates a different gameplay dynamic. They encounter other players, engage in combat, and show their appreciation for the immersive experience.

Next, the presenter visits Rustville on another planet in the Pyro system, showcasing the industrial landscape and massive towers that may have an extraction or trade purpose. They express their admiration for the atmospheric ambiance and the level of detail in the environments. The presenter then attempts a mission within a cave, eliminating hostiles to complete the objective. Although the mission encounters some technical difficulties, the presenter enjoys the stunning visuals and the eerie atmosphere of the cave.

In the final part of the video, the presenter engages in a maintenance mission within a space station. They find a sneaky way to access the location, showing the versatility and possibilities within the game. The mission proceeds smoothly as the presenter eliminates hostile NPCs, showing the successful completion of the objective. The presenter concludes by highlighting the content richness of the Pyro system and expresses their anticipation for future updates and exploration opportunities.

Overall, the video emphasizes the immersive and captivating experience of exploring the Pyro system in Star Citizen’s technical preview. The presenter showcases the unique landscapes, detailed locations, and exciting missions available, creating anticipation for the future development of the game.