Star Citizen - The shadow economy of data

“Hello Citizens!
In this video I’m going to cover some effects of data running on the dynamic economy of Star Citizen. Enjoy!”

In this video, the content creator discusses the concept of data running in Star Citizen and how it impacts the game’s economy. Real-time communication is limited in the game due to the vast distances between planets, so data runners play a crucial role in delivering data faster than the existing communication network. The data running profession can be divided into three categories: data runners, surveyors, and data brokers.

Data runners are responsible for delivering data from one location to another, similar to existing delivery missions. Surveyors actively gather data by scanning areas for resource locations or trying to intercept communications. Data brokers buy data from surveyors and sell it to interested parties, acting as intermediaries in the information trade.

Different types of data that data runners can expect to run include trade-related data, resource locations, and mission-related data. Initially, data running will likely involve delivering data for missions, either by physically picking it up or uploading it to a ship. Players may also be able to download publicly available data, such as trade information, from various locations.

The content creator explains how data running can be implemented in the game’s economy. Trading hubs closer to a player’s location could provide more up-to-date information, while data runners are needed to deliver data to distant trading hubs with limited communication. The sale price of data will depend on factors such as distance and the time since the information was last updated. Fast ships like The Herald would have an advantage in this gameplay loop.

Surveyors, miners, and salvage operators also rely on data for their activities. Players can buy information about resource locations from surveyors, allowing them to locate valuable deposits more quickly. Active and passive information gathering will likely be implemented in the game, with players’ ships recording data about their surroundings passively, and active scanning providing more detailed information. The storage capacity of ships’ data banks may be limited, adding another layer of gameplay to the data running profession.

The content creator concludes by asking viewers for their opinions on data running as a relevant profession and if they own any data running ships.