Star Citizen The Lost Generation - THE FINALE

In the finale of “The Lost Generation,” T is captured by Nagia and taken to Senan, who is disappointed in her escape from the UEE. T manages to escape into underground tunnels, leaving behind Keno’s frozen body, and eventually finds safety on a transport ship.

In the finale of the Star Citizen series “The Lost Generation,” T finds herself captured by Nagia and her henchman. They cuff her and drag her onto Nag’s ship, planning to deliver her to Turov. While flying towards Callis 99, T observes the intense mining activity in the system and realizes Senan must be counting on the Emis discovery to deflect any suspicion. Nagia’s ship enters the planet’s atmosphere and T witnesses the icy tundra and cryo volcanoes. As they descend, T notices mining teams and the dangerous conditions they face.

Once on the ground, T is brought to Senan who expresses disappointment in her escape from the UEE. He suggests putting her into a status boot, but T tries to convince him to spare her life by mentioning she can lead them to the next piece of the Emis. However, Senan is skeptical and dismisses her claims. In a moment of desperation, T uses Senan as a shield and escapes into a tunnel system under the ice. She carries Senan’s Mobiglass, which provides a rough map of the tunnels created by the scans. T realizes that the map could lead Nagia and her crew to her but decides to use it to navigate the tunnels anyway.

During her escape, T comes across the body of Keno, a crew member of the Emis, frozen in the ice. She contemplates taking the body with her but ultimately decides it would be too risky. As she tries to make her way back to the surface, the tunnels start collapsing, resulting in a chasm that separates T from Keno’s body and Senan. T manages to escape the collapsing tunnels and eventually reaches safety on a transport ship.

Two months later, T is seen at a museum, watching Melvin Harley Jr. present the Emis artifact. She has come to terms with the fact that she couldn’t recover Keno’s body but remains determined to continue her search for more clues about the Emis. Later, T receives a message from Janice and plans their next course, eager to continue their journey.

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