Star Citizen The Lost Generation - The Artemis

The Artemis, a generational ship launched in 2232, went missing after leaving our solar system but has now been discovered in the form of a fragment surrounded by lava. Tanya and her team closely examine the fragment, discovering intriguing clues and receiving unexpected approval from CEO Gavin Arlington to continue the search for the rest of the ship.

The Artemis, a generational ship launched in 2232 with 5,000 people in cryostasis, went on a mission to explore the stars with the help of an AI Core called Janus. However, contact was lost shortly after leaving our solar system, and the ship slipped into legend. Many believed it crashed, flew into a star, or disappeared into a jump point. Until now, when Tanya and a team discovered a fragment of the Artemis surrounded by lava, making it a precious find.

Gavin Arlington, the CEO, gathered a group of people and revealed the discovery of the Artemis fragment. However, he emphasized the need for secrecy, threatening dire consequences if anyone revealed the information without his authorization. He offered resources and compensation for whoever finds the rest of the ship. Tanya and the others quickly started examining the fragment and strategizing their search.

Tanya and her team worked meticulously to extract the piece, discovering that it was part of the starboard thruster paneling. They documented the metal, ran tests, and searched for clues about what happened to the ship. Tanya eventually found a clean edge that suggested the metal was cut with precision, possibly for repair purposes. This evidence deepened the mystery and excitement surrounding the Artemis.

Excited about their discovery, Tanya and her colleague Senzin went to inform Arlington of their findings. Not fully trusting Senzin, Tanya was surprised when Arlington seemed convinced and gave them his approval to continue the search. The text ends with the mention of NordVPN, a useful internet security tool, and the announcement of a ship giveaway for September.

In summary, the text introduces the lost generation ship, the Artemis, and the fragment that has been discovered. It outlines the secrecy and competition around the search for the ship, Tanya’s analysis of the fragment, and her surprise when Arlington approves their findings. The mention of NordVPN and the ship giveaway concludes the text.