Star Citizen The Lost Generation - An Old Friend

T and Senen reunite and discuss their unexpected encounter on the planet Oso 2, where Senen reveals his use of advanced scanning technology to track Tanya’s location. They discover a mysterious audio file containing fragments of a transmission from the lost generation of Star Citizen and decide to work together to find the next piece of the Artemis ship, leading them to a tunnel where they make a significant discovery but are then confronted by enraged oians.

T and Senen reunite on the planet Oso 2, where they discuss their unexpected encounter. Tanya is curious about how Senen found her, suspecting Nagia’s involvement. Senen reveals that he used advanced scanning technology to track her location. They discuss a mysterious audio file that Senen discovered, which contains fragments of a transmission from the lost generation of Star Citizen. Tanya is intrigued and impressed by Senen’s discovery.

Senen explains that the transmission was a status update from Janice, an AI companion who was part of the Star Citizen crew. While the transmissions never reached Earth, Senen theorizes that they might have reached another location. Tanya questions how he obtained the audio file, and Senen explains that he used complex methods involving infrared beams and cryogenic gases to reconstruct and locate the transmissions.

They decide to set aside their differences and work together to find the next piece of the Artemis, the lost Star Citizen ship. As they traverse the planet, they encounter a massive worm-like creature and narrowly avoid being attacked. They continue their journey and stumble upon an oian village, observing the primitive aliens and their daily routines.

Inside a tunnel, they make a remarkable discovery - a worn obelisk that turns out to be a thruster from the Artemis. Tanya realizes that the pictographs on the wall depict the gods (the Star Citizen crew) granting the oians fire and mentioning a red star above triple mountains. This revelation leads them to believe that the crew may have landed on the planet Callis.

Excited about their findings, Tanya documents the pictographs and the thruster, but upon leaving the tunnel, she is confronted by the chief and the villagers, who surround her with weapons. Meanwhile, Senen can only observe helplessly from a distance. The chapter ends with Tanya facing a tense confrontation with the enraged oians.