Star Citizen - The illusion or rarity

“Hello Citizens!
In today’s video I want to talk about ship rarity and how it relates to price, sale timing and balance. Enjoy!”

In today’s video, The Space Coder wants to talk about ship availability and rarity and how the current system is not effective. The Space Coder explains that they want to ensure that some ships are present in very limited numbers to balance the 'verse. This can be seen for the Javelin, the Kraken, and the Endeavour which are all available for sale twice a year in very limited numbers.

The downside of this is that CIG is actively destroying the Rarity they justified the cost of these ships by claiming they were extremely rare. Yet the false Rarity combined with fear of missing out and high pressure sales events creates a great sales opportunity and a lot of revenue for CIG. There isn’t one solution to this problem, because it wouldn’t be fair to cut off a major source of income.

The other solution is capital ships eventually becoming money sinks due to the cost of crew, repairs, docking fees, etc. This could potentially fix the negating of advantage these ships are supposed to provide by making them less rare, but it also locks out owners from using something they paid for. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this in-game measure will be possible. CIG should consider these options and think deeply about the implications of their decision.

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