Star Citizen: the Fine Art of Being Left Alone

“Shure being surprised by pirates and other such criminals adds surprise and excitement to the game, but sometimes you just want to be left alone. I go over some ways to do that”

Ray discusses how one can be left alone in the verse, especially when engaging in activities such as mining or salvaging. He suggests going to the Aeron Halo, a location not on the star map and with a footprint on the planetary plane of 191 trillion square kilometers, making it highly unlikely to come within sensor range of another human being. However, he also warns that eventually, one will have to come back to the refinery and may face trouble there. To deal with this, he suggests learning techniques for maximum speed approach to a station to get inside the station’s defensive perimeter as soon as possible. He also advises against picking the most popular locations for trading and recommends using a simple checklist when visiting an outpost to evaluate the situation, such as doing a flyover to assess the situation, crouching upon exiting the ship, and closing the door immediately when leaving or re-entering the ship.

Furthermore, Ray also touches on how to engage in hog fighting, a method of combat that aims to get away rather than to win. He distinguishes hog fighting from dog fighting, which aims to defeat an opponent, and suggests using one’s ship to evade and escape from practical folks who may engage in combat. However, he emphasizes that being left alone only applies to additional interference above that of mercenary missions, and suggests picking missions where local security still has operational control to help protect rather than the retake control missions. Overall, Ray’s advice emphasizes the importance of preparation and caution to ensure safety and success in the verse.