Star Citizen - The Billion Dollar $$$ Alpha - Alpha 3.20 Wave 1 Next Week?

Star Citizen has raised over 750 million dollars in funding, with expectations of reaching one billion in the near future. The latest update highlights the ongoing Ship Showdown event, the potential release of the Alpha 3.20 PTU Wave 1 next week, and community engagement initiatives.

Star Citizen has reached new funding heights, with over 750 million dollars raised so far. The majority of this funding goes towards employee wages, as Cloud Imperium Games has been steadily expanding with 1200 to 1500 employees across multiple studios. They also maintain a healthy balance reserve, indicating they won’t run out of money. It is predicted that Star Citizen will easily reach one billion dollars in funding within the next few years, with over 110 million raised in 2022 alone.

The Ship Showdown event is currently ongoing, with daily 1v1 ship fights. There is a sale on the top 16 most popular ships, offering 24 months insurance for those ships. Clan Imperium is expected to have a more significant sale once the top eight ships are chosen. There will also be a free fly event where players can try out the top eight ships for free from August 31st to September 7th.

Rumors suggest that the Star Citizen Wave 1 PTU for Alpha 3.20 may be released by the end of next week. The PTU wave restructuring by Cloud Imperium Games is expected to speed up the process, potentially allowing for multiple waves in a single day. The patch itself will bring updates to Arena Commander, including new game modes, maps, and improved physics. Additionally, new features like salvage cover-up missions, a massive cargo ship, and underground bunkers are planned for future patches.

In terms of community engagement, Cloud Imperium Games is giving away free stuff at Gamescom and encouraging players to participate in scavenger hunts. The update also mentions the availability of the Toby Eye Tracker 5, which is supported in Star Citizen and provides precision head and eye tracking for an enhanced gaming experience. NordVPN is also promoted as a means to protect internet privacy from potential alien observers or nosy humans.

In closing, the update asks for feedback from the community, including predictions on whether 2023 will break funding records for Star Citizen. It also touches on the ongoing ship poll, upcoming alpha release, the monthly ship giveaway, and the support provided by channel members and Patreon supporters. The video ends with a reminder to like, comment, subscribe, and join the community in the Star Citizen universe.