Star Citizen - The Arrastra is not what you think

“Hello Citizens!
In this video I want to talk about the RSI Arrastra concept and what it means for the mining gameplay loop. Enjoy!”

In this video, the RSI Arastra, a large mining ship concept in Star Citizen, is discussed. The ship features three size stream mining turrets, an onboard refinery, a vehicle bay, and ample cargo space. It requires a crew of five but could potentially function with four. The Arastra is designed for heavy mining, able to extract large deposits and refine ore on-site. It is also equipped with powerful guns for venturing into more dangerous areas of the universe. While the official product page describes the Arastra as a self-sufficient mining ship, concerns are raised regarding its capability to mine rocks of all sizes, fly in challenging planetary conditions, and manage ground vehicles without sacrificing crew members needed for other ship operations. However, the Arastra’s refinery capacity makes it a competitive option in comparison to other mining ships. Overall, the Arastra fills a gap between smaller mining vehicles and larger mining ships, attracting players looking for long-term mining expeditions.

The video suggests that all levels of mining, from small vehicles to large ships, should coexist. Different types of mining or mining locations may require specific ship types. For example, extreme weather on a planet might make flying difficult, prompting miners to seek caves or surface mining. Alternatively, a large asteroid field may be best tackled with a ship like the Arastra or the Orion, rather than multiple smaller ships. Balancing mining capabilities and the relationships between different ship types will be crucial. The video also mentions the anticipation of ship refining, which could revolutionize mining gameplay. Ultimately, the Arastra is seen as a valuable addition to Star Citizen, but its true competitiveness against other mining ships remains to be determined.