Star Citizen Taranis System & Planets - The Rocky Heart of the Frontier

The Taranis system, part of Keller’s Run, is known for its dangerous asteroid and lunar debris field, making it a challenging environment for pilots. Discovered in 2478, Taranis is home to a main sequence star and four planets. The system gained popularity due to its inclusion in the popular Arena Commander game, where players battle in the debris field near Taranis II. This led to an increase in dangerous tourism as enthusiasts travel to have their photos taken in front of the lunar remnants.

The first planet in the Taranis system is too hot for human settlement, but it gained attention when an image resembling a human face was discovered in the mid-26th century. Despite confirming that it was just a mountain range, conspiracy theories about the existence of an alien civilization on the planet persisted. The system also has dense asteroid belts, making them difficult to traverse. Smugglers and outlaws often hide in the beta belt, while mining companies find it too risky to establish operations there.

Taranis II, also known as the broken moon, was a victim of an experimental terraforming technique gone wrong. The planet, initially considered unsuitable for colonization, was transformed into a deadly debris field. Taranis III, a stormy world, lacks a breathable atmosphere but has become a settlement for refugees and human expats. Taranis IV is a gas giant, rarely visited by Harvester ships, with attempts to establish orbiting stations unsuccessful.