Star Citizen: Storm Update

In the Storm update for Star Citizen, several new details were revealed about the Storm tank. Firstly, it was confirmed that the Storm will have the same size as the Nova tank and other Atlas platform vehicles, allowing it to be transported by ships like the Carrack and the Corsair. Additionally, the Storm’s speed was mentioned to be similar to the Ursa Rover and faster than the Nova and other Atlas vehicles.

The armor of the Storm was described as more complex than simply being light, medium, or heavy. Its durability will sit between the Nova and the Centurion, with its exact placement determined by its performance and subsequent balancing. The Storm’s primary weapon is a single size 3 gun, which is remotely controlled and can be raised to provide a better firing arc than the Nova. It can also spin 360 degrees and be fired while the tank is moving. The weapon’s power supply and capacitor will impact its rate of fire and damage potential.

The Storm’s low ground clearance was addressed by sloping tank treads that can be independently angled to better navigate various terrains. The wide base of the Storm provides stability, but concerns were raised about its torque and ability to overcome obstacles. The Storm’s component loadout was mentioned to be part of a larger refactoring of the component system in the game. Finally, it was mentioned that more armored vehicles, such as a medium-sized tank and an armored APC, may be introduced in the future.