Star Citizen SPOILER WARNING - Alpha 3.24 Cargo Hauling Update - Sabre SPOILER

In a Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss the Alpha 3.24 update, focusing on the introduction of cargo hauling missions and potential new ship variants like the Sabre Raven. They delve into the details of cargo hauling mechanics, server meshing technology progress, and speculate about upcoming events like CitizenCon, while also mentioning Star Citizen-themed gaming chairs and online security tips.

In the Star Citizen podcast, the hosts Board Gamer and Zor discuss various updates and rumors related to the game. They talk about the potential release of a new ship variant called the Sabre Raven, rumored to be named “Paragrin.” They also touch upon the Alpha 3.24 update, specifically focusing on the introduction of cargo hauling missions. These missions involve players transporting cargo from one location to another for rewards, adding a new gameplay element to the game.

The hosts mention that the 3.24 update is still in the Evocati phase, with the build being relatively stable but not yet ready for wider testing. They discuss the implementation of cargo missions and how players can now easily spawn and transport cargo for missions. They also highlight the importance of these missions in contributing to the dynamic economy of the game through the movement of goods and potential mission opportunities for players.

The video delves into the details of the cargo hauling mechanics, including how players will be rewarded based on the amount of cargo delivered and potential reputation consequences for failing to complete missions. The hosts also mention the removal of hover trolleys from shops due to some issues they caused, emphasizing the importance of gravity multitools for cargo management. Additionally, changes to the legality of actions like damaging unowned vehicles and towing ships outside green zones are discussed.

The hosts express their anticipation for the upcoming 4.0 update, particularly focusing on the introduction of server meshing technology. They discuss the positive progress made with server meshing development and the potential for dynamic server meshing in the future. The video also touches on the excitement surrounding CitizenCon, with rumors of celebrities like Henry Cavill, John Rhys-Davies, and Mark Hamill potentially attending the event. The hosts speculate about major Squadron 42 announcements and express excitement for the event.

In the final segment, the hosts briefly mention Star Citizen-themed gaming chairs and their high prices, as well as the importance of using a VPN for online security. The video concludes with a reminder about the ship giveaway for July and a call to support the channel through memberships or Patreon. Overall, the video covers a range of Star Citizen-related topics, from ship updates and game mechanics to upcoming events and giveaways, providing insights and speculation for fans of the game.