Star Citizen: Should Modularity be in 1.0?

“Modulartiy, specifically user-facing modularity has been a big interest and a big promise from CIG right from the start. Now that they are talking about putting together the ‘list’ for the 1.0 commercial release should it be there and what ships are we likely to see it on?”

The text discusses the topic of user-facing ship modularity in Star Citizen, particularly focusing on whether it should be included in the 1.0 release. The history of user-facing modularity is explored, with mentions of various ships and their potential for modular features. The text highlights the challenges faced in implementing user-facing modularity, such as technical blockers like physics grids and resource networks. Despite delays and hurdles, progress has been made towards achieving modularity, with persistence and resource network technologies showing promise.

Differentiating between components and modules, the text explains how user-facing modularity allows players to swap out major parts of the ship themselves, creating variations like the Aurora CL. Various ships in Star Citizen have been marketed with modular features, such as the Avenger with different pre-installed modules like the prisoner transport module. The text also mentions ships like the Retaliator, Carrack, and Endeavor that have had discussions about potential modular additions, with some ships like the Retaliator already having specific add-on modules sold.

The focus on RSI ships for modularity is highlighted, suggesting that ships like the Apollo and the Galaxy may see the first iterations of modularity in the 1.0 release. The text speculates that other ships like the Retaliator, Caterpillar, Carrack, and Endeavor may not see modularity until future 1.x releases due to the RSI ship team’s sequential focus. The potential for enhancing the utility of ships like the Galaxy by having separate port and starboard modules is also mentioned.

Overall, the text delves into the history of user-facing ship modularity in Star Citizen, discussing the promises made, challenges faced, and potential future implementations. The focus on RSI ships for modularity, the iterations expected in the 1.0 release, and the anticipation surrounding user-facing modularity in ships like the Carrack and Caterpillar are key points covered in the text. The author concludes by mentioning ship giveaways on the channel and inviting viewers to participate for a chance to win ships, ending with a message of flying safe and looking forward to meeting in the verse.