Star Citizen Ship Updates - RSI Apollo, Origin X1 & San’Tok.Yai - Halloween Event

This video provides updates on Star Citizen ships, including the RSI Apollo and the San’Tok.Yai, as well as details about the ongoing Day of Vara Halloween event. The video also mentions improvements to the ship trespass feature, the New Player Experience, the cargo system, and upcoming experimental game modes, while promoting giveaways and asking for viewer feedback.

In this video, the host provides updates on various Star Citizen ships and the ongoing Halloween event called Day of Vara celebrations. The video begins with a discussion about the ship trespass feature, which sets hostility and criminality for players who enter ships or areas they aren’t allowed to be in. The trespasser receives a warning, and the ship owner and group are not notified, allowing players to deal with trespassers themselves without gaining a criminal rating.

The New Player Experience is being improved, specifically in the New Babbage Microtech landing zone, with new signs and shops to enhance the player’s experience. The RSI Apollo, a highly anticipated medical modular ship, is currently in active production and progressing through the white box phase. The San’Tok.Yai medium fighter is in its final stages of development, with stunning alien material work using carbon fiber and a pearlescent finish to create an otherworldly look.

A branding team is mentioned, responsible for developing the many brands, companies, and manufacturers within the Star Citizen universe. They ensure each ship has its unique identity and contribute to the overall immersion of the game. The cargo system is also getting improvements, allowing for easier placement of awkwardly shaped containers and boxes within the cargo hold. A fallback option aligns the cargo to a grid if the player is unsatisfied with the orientation.

The video goes on to discuss the ongoing Day of Vara Halloween event. It recounts the lore of the Vara, an exploration vessel that mysteriously went missing in the Hades system, and the resulting festivities held to honor the ship’s legacy. Limited-time green skins are available for Drake ships, and players can find special helmets in loot containers during the event. Community contests, such as a pumpkin carving contest and a spooky machinima contest, are also part of the celebration.

The video ends with the announcement of upcoming experimental game modes and asks for viewer feedback on the mentioned updates and events. It also includes promotions for a Tobii Tracker 5, a high-precision head and eye tracker, and nordvpn, a virtual private network service. Lastly, the host mentions the Star Citizen giveaway for October, offering a constellation Phoenix ship as the prize, and encourages viewers to support the channel through memberships, likes, and comments.