Star Citizen Ship Updates - Price Increase - Major Item Rework

Cloud Imperium Games has announced price increases for certain ships in Star Citizen, including the Anvil F7 CM Super Hornet and RSI Constellation Taurus. Additionally, there are refinements to the ship scale tractor beam feature, details on the Zeus Mark 2 ship, and plans for a major rebalance of ship components and items to fine-tune gameplay mechanics.

Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of Star Citizen, has announced that prices of certain ships in the game will be increasing ahead of The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. The Anvil F7 CM Super Hornet has gone up by $5, the RSI constellation Taurus has gone up by $10, and the constellation Aquilla and Agis Redeemer have also seen price increases. The prices for the Misc Hull-D and RSI Ryan concepts have also risen significantly. It is speculated that these price increases may be related to the release of new ships or ship variants.

In the latest update, Alpha 3.21.1, a ship scale tractor beam feature is being refined and tested on the Public Test Universe (PTU). The Tumbril, Corsair, Vanguard, Caterpillar, Mole RFT, and Star Runner have undergone balance changes in terms of ship mass. Tractor beams can now be used to move and control ships, but activating a ship’s shield will break the beam. However, it is considered a crime to use tractor beams on non-criminal or non-derelict ships.

The Zeus Mark 2 ship received a Q&A session, providing more insights into its features. It is smaller than the spirit but has a larger cargo capacity. The various roles of the three crew members on the Zeus Mark 2 were also discussed, emphasizing the flexibility for players to assign different responsibilities. It was also mentioned that there may be changes to jump point sizes in the future.

Cloud Imperium Games is planning a major rebalance of ship components and items. The sizes and numbers of ship components will be adjusted to support the Resource Network system, which was showcased during the cencom presentation. This rebalance is aimed at fine-tuning gameplay mechanics and will involve a big number pass. Additionally, the Q&A revealed that prisoner pods can be stored in cargo grids, but they take up a significant amount of space.

Overall, these ship updates include price increases, refinements to the ship scale tractor beam feature, details on the Zeus Mark 2 ship, and planned rebalancing of ship components and items. The changes are aimed at improving gameplay mechanics and providing more options for players.