Star Citizen SHIP TRACTOR BEAMS in the test | All ships, features & guide | 3.21.1 EPTU

The video provides a detailed guide to the tractor beam functionality in Star Citizen. It covers various ships that currently have tractor beams, including the Argo SRV, Consolidated Outland Nomad, Crusader Spirit C1, Drake Caterpillar, Drake Cutlass Black, Drake Vulture, Origin 315p, Constellation Taurus, MHSE, and RSI Reclaimer. The guide explains how to use the tractor beams, their range and power limitations, and the ability to tow other ships. It also mentions the planned improvements and solutions to current issues, making the ships more versatile for cargo and salvaging operations. Overall, the tractor beam feature adds new gameplay possibilities to the Star Citizen universe.

In this Star Citizen tractor beam guide, the focus is on the 10 ships that currently use a tractor beam in the experimental version 3.21.1. Among these ships are the Drake Vulture and Aegis Reclaimer, which are salvaging ships. The guide provides an overview of each ship’s capabilities and functionalities, as well as tips and tricks for using the tractor beam effectively.

The guide begins with an introduction to the Argo Raft, which does not have a tractor beam but has a 32 SCU freight container variant. However, the loading and unloading mechanic for this ship is not yet implemented in the game. The guide mentions that changes can be expected in connection with cargo gameplay and SCU sizes.

The first ship discussed with a functioning tractor beam is the Argo SRV, which has a towing function. It is currently the only ship with this ability, allowing it to tow other ships using its tractor beam. The guide highlights that while there are some minor issues with the mechanics in the test version, the SRV’s tractor beam works well overall. It also mentions that the SRV offers direct control of the tractor beam from the pilot seat.

Next, the guide covers the Consolidated Outland Nomad, which has a tractor beam in the rear. The Nomad’s tractor beam can be controlled remotely from the pilot seat, and it also has the ability to remove ship components using the tractor beam. However, due to the limited distance of 7.4 meters, loading vehicles or smaller bikes directly into the cargo hold is not possible.

The Crusader Spirit C1 is the newest ship with a tractor beam, offering exciting features and an expanded cargo capacity of 64 SCU. The C1’s tractor beam can be accessed via the co-pilot seat, and it is deployable, allowing for different positions. However, there are currently some issues with directly packing a target from the front area to the rear area using the tractor beam.

The Drake Caterpillar, a modular ship, has two tractor beams, but only one is accessible in the current version. The available tractor beam allows for loading cargo from the right side but not from the left. The visibility and loading process of the Caterpillar are not yet optimal, but with some patience and effort, cargo can be inserted. The guide also mentions the possibility of another tractor beam in the front of the ship, which, if added, would significantly enhance its capabilities.

The Drake Cutlass Black has a tractor beam in the rear area, accessible from the pilot seat. However, its performance is at the level of the Consolidated Outland Nomad, and it also has the limited distance of 7.4 meters. The visibility is limited, but the tractor beam can be used successfully with the aid of target lock.

The guide then mentions the tractor beam module in the Drake Vulture and the Aegis Reclaimer, which replaces the salvaging module. However, there are still some issues with these ships’ tractor beams. The Vulture’s tractor beam is similar to the Nomad’s in terms of power, while the Reclaimer’s tractor beams have a smaller power rating.

Lastly, the guide briefly discusses the Origin 315p, Constellation Taurus, MISC Hull series, and Aegis Reclaimer, all of which have tractor beams but with various limitations or temporary issues. Overall, tractor beams offer a new gameplay element and potential possibilities in the Star Citizen universe.