Star Citizen Salvage Panel Guide

The video guide offers tips on how to make money through salvaging in Star Citizen without relying on contracts, highlighting efficient salvage locations and strategies for maximizing profits. It provides detailed instructions on locating salvage panels, using the Abrade laser for salvaging, optimizing the salvage process, and selling salvaged materials at various locations in the game.

The video guide provides tips on how to make money through salvaging in Star Citizen without relying on contracts. Players can find salvage panels in asteroid belts, mining claims, and around Grange Point stations. The most efficient salvage location is the asteroid belt around Yela, despite being a high-traffic area due to pirate activity. Mining claims offer a good middle ground with direct Quantum Travel markers and a high density of salvage panels. To locate panels, players can use the scanner in navigation mode and look for numbers in multiples of 2,000, indicating the presence of salvage panels.

Players should approach salvage panels cautiously by monitoring signal strength and adjusting their scanning angle. The video recommends using the Abrade laser for salvaging, as it strikes a balance between efficiency and speed. Players can optimize their salvage process by combining different lasers on each side of their ship, such as Abrade with the stock tractor beam and Abrade with Trowler. By rotating lasers individually, players can efficiently gather salvage materials and store them in containers on their ship’s grid.

The video provides a strategy for maximizing profits by building up a buffer of salvage materials on the ship before selling them. Players can fit up to 26 containers in the ship’s hold, with an additional 13 containers in the buffer system. Salvaged materials can be sold at various locations in Stanton, with the Trade and Development Division offering the highest profit for RMC. Players can sell their salvage materials at major cities like Area 18, GrimHex, salvage yards, and Port Tressler to earn profits from their salvaging efforts.

The guide concludes with the creator expressing some self-doubt about creating guides but encourages feedback and sharing of the video. The video aims to help players improve their salvaging techniques in Star Citizen and provides a detailed walkthrough for maximizing profits through salvage panels. The guide is designed to be new player-friendly and offers practical tips for navigating the salvage process efficiently. By following the strategies outlined in the video, players can enhance their salvaging experience and make money without relying heavily on contracts in the game.