Star Citizen 's Newest Ship The MIRAI FURY LX is VERY NICHE and ONLY FOR A FEW PEOPLE

The Mirai Fury LX is a specialized racing ship in Star Citizen that boasts upgraded thrusters and aerodynamic features, making it ideal for hardcore racers and teams. However, its lack of a quantum drive and niche focus means it may not be suitable for casual players or those who engage in racing occasionally.

Star Citizen has introduced a new racing ship called the Mirai Fury LX. This ship is a variant of the previous Mirai Fury and is designed specifically for racing. In the latest episode of Inside Star Citizen, it was revealed that the Mirai Fury LX has been equipped with upgraded thrusters, aerodynamic winglets, and all guns have been replaced. These modifications make it the best racing ship in the game currently.

However, it is important to note that, like other previously released ships in Star Citizen, the Mirai Fury LX may eventually be nerfed to bring it in line with other ships. While it may remain a top racer, it may not maintain an advantage of 10 seconds over other racers of equal skill. This ship is primarily meant for racers and is considered very niche.

The Mirai Fury LX is not suitable for combat and is only useful for racing. It may not be the best choice for casual racers or those who engage in racing occasionally. The ship’s lack of a quantum drive means that it will require external logistical support, such as an organization or friend with a larger ship, to transport it to race locations. Therefore, casual players may not find much use for this ship in the persistent universe.

For hardcore racers and those involved in teams, the Mirai Fury LX could be valuable. It is envisioned that teams may purchase multiple ships to create racing stables, similar to Formula One teams. This ship is expected to be available for sale soon, possibly with a price slightly higher than the previous Fury variant, which was around $45. The Mirai Fury LX will come with lifetime insurance.

In conclusion, the Mirai Fury LX is a unique ship designed specifically for racing in Star Citizen. While it may be the best racing ship currently, it is primarily targeted towards hardcore racers and teams rather than casual players. Its lack of a quantum drive requires external logistical support, making it less practical for solo racers. The ship is not yet available for sale, but it is expected to be in the near future, priced around $50-55.