Star Citizen’s New Bomber Is Stunning | 3.21 Update

"Star Citizen just dropped another major update with a brand new ship, the A1 Spirit Bomber. It looks incredible and shows the devs have a learned a lot about ship design…

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Star Citizen recently released a new update, version 3.21, which introduces a new ship called the Spirit from Crusader Industries. The Spirit is designed to rival popular ships like the Cutlass Black and stands out with its sleek design and cool features. The ship includes a bomb bay that can hold 10 storm burst bombs, and future variations will offer either a cargo area or personal transport zone. The cockpit boasts good visibility and the ship handles well in atmosphere. However, its large size and relatively weak shields may pose challenges in combat.

Aside from the Spirit, the 3.21 update also brings new missions and three new jump points. The updated Orison platform missions at Crusader provide players with exciting opportunities to repel AI enemies in a nin Tales raid. The visuals of flying through Crusader’s gas clouds are stunning, showcasing the true beauty of the planet. However, the AI combat performance is dependent on server performance, which can vary.

Patch 3.21 is an iterative patch in preparation for separating the server replication layer, a significant technical advancement for the game. This separation is expected to improve crash stability, enabling players to seamlessly transfer to another server in case of a crash. It is also paving the way for server meshing and expanding the universe into multiple systems.

Other improvements in the patch include better wheel vehicle physics, although this feature may still require further work. Additionally, there are numerous bug fixes and tweaks throughout the game. The team at Cloud Imperium Games has worked quickly to release this patch before CitizenCon, the biggest event of the year for Star Citizen, where major announcements, including potential Squadron 42 content and a deep look at Pyro, are anticipated.

Overall, the 3.21 update brings exciting additions to Star Citizen with the introduction of the Spirit bomber ship, new missions, and jump points. While there are still some issues to be resolved, such as AI combat performance and vehicle physics, the patch sets the stage for significant technical advancements in the future. Players are eagerly anticipating CitizenCon for more exciting details and announcements.