Star Citizen Roadmap Update - Cargo Is Getting BIG - Ares Changes In Alpha 3.20

In a recent Star Citizen roadmap update, it was announced that physicalized cargo updates will be introduced in Alpha 3.20, including larger cargo containers and automated cargo loading. Changes are also coming to the Ares series ships, with aim assist and reduced spread for their weapons, making them more user-friendly and effective against larger ships.

In a recent Star Citizen roadmap update, it was confirmed that physicalized cargo updates will be implemented in Alpha 3.20. This includes automated cargo loading at low orbit stations and the introduction of larger 32 SCU cargo containers, which can be used in any ship that can accommodate them. Initially, players will be able to use the existing multi-tool and tractor beam attachment to move these containers until vehicle tractor beams are released. Ship tractor beams are currently in production but won’t be available in 3.20. New teams are being formed to support upcoming tasks in Star Citizen, including the North American Persistent Universe gameplay feature team, the economy team, and the vehicle gameplay feature team. More information about these teams and their tasks will be revealed in the future.

The Ares series in Star Citizen, particularly the Ares Ion and Inferno ships, will undergo changes in 3.20. Some aim assist will be added to these ships’ weapons, making them more user-friendly. Additionally, the spread of the bearing ballistic Gatlings will be reduced, making them more effective. However, these values may change again when they are integrated into the new aiming system. The developers explain that the slower projectile speed of the Ares Ion is intentional, as faster projectiles would make it too powerful against smaller targets. The Ares Ion and Inferno are designed to be more effective against larger ships.

Cloud Imperium also provided an update on the progress tracker and announced the formation of new teams to enhance the game’s development. These changes aim to support upcoming tasks and make development more efficient. The team formations focus on specific gameplay features, such as the persistent universe and its vehicles, as well as the economy. This update signifies an increased focus on gameplay and the enhancement of existing features, including cargo, manufacturing, shopping, and more.

In response to player queries, Cloud Imperium mentioned that a post-mortem for versions 3.18 and 3.19 is still being worked on and will be released soon. They also addressed the origins of the tool called Rastar, explaining that the name is a combination of “star” (from Star Citizen) and “Four Star Citizen” (referring to the modular placement approach used in the game). Rastar is currently a developer tool but will eventually be made player-facing and used as the basis for a placement tool for player bases and building within the game.

Overall, the roadmap update confirms the implementation of physicalized cargo updates, the forming of new teams to support development, and the changes to the Ares series ships. It also addresses player queries regarding tractor beams, post-mortems, and the origins of Rastar. These updates showcase the ongoing development efforts to improve gameplay, enhance existing features, and prepare for future additions in Star Citizen.