Star Citizen Red Festival, Free Fly, Coramor & MASSIVE Ship Sale ON NOW

Star Citizen is currently hosting the Red Festival and Coramor events, celebrating the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. These events offer players a range of activities, ship sales, and exclusive items, along with a free fly period for new players to try out the game.

Two events are currently happening in the Star Citizen universe: the 2954 Red Festival and Coramor (Valentine’s). The Red Festival is a celebration of renewal and remembrance, with various traditions such as wearing red, sharing stories, and exchanging gilded red envelopes. In-game, players can outfit their ships with new liveries inspired by the Year of the Dog and Year of the Dragon. There is also a massive ship sale, with a wide range of ships available at discounted prices. Additionally, players can participate in special activities like a kill collector mode in Arena Commander and collecting red envelopes for rewards.

Coramor focuses on the theme of love and cooperation in the face of danger in the galaxy. Players can purchase special edition guns, armors, and ship paints in pink and lilac colors. There are also 22 ships available for sale, including the Aries Inferno, Cyclone series, and Limited Edition Super Hornet Heartseeker. In Arena Commander, players can participate in a 2v2 dogfight competition to earn a limited-time Coramor challenge coin. There is also a screenshot contest where players can showcase their ideal first date in Stanton.

Both events offer special subscriber flare for RSI subscribers, including a poster set and exclusive weapons. The events also coincide with a free fly period, allowing players to try out Star Citizen for free until February 15th. During this time, players have access to five ships, including the 100i, 400i, Nomad, Prospector, and Scorpius. Additionally, there is a referral bonus program where players can earn a Drake Dragonfly and red Festival armor by referring a friend who purchases a Star Citizen game package.

The author expresses surprise at the extensive ship sale happening during these events, noting that it is a significant opportunity to acquire ships. They encourage readers to share their thoughts on the events, whether they plan to try Star Citizen, purchase items, or participate in the game modes. The author also mentions their monthly ship giveaway and thanks viewers for their support in helping the channel grow.

Overall, the Star Citizen Red Festival and Coramor events offer players a variety of in-game activities, ship sales, and special items to celebrate the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day.