Star Citizen Racing has ACTUALLY Arrived..

"Star Citizen 3.20 is filled with great updates and Arena Commander is getting a massive overhaul. One of the things added is a whole host of new tracks and racing updates. You’ll be able to race all the tracks in the verse without the pain "

In this video, the content creator explores the racing aspect of Star Citizen 3.20 in the Arena Commander mode. They express their excitement for the future of Star Citizen and racing in particular. The content creator mentions that more race tracks have been added in the past year, and now players can practice them in the Arena Commander. They also mention a new racing vehicle that will be released soon.

The content creator starts by flying around in free fly mode to get a feel for the controls, mentioning that they are a little rusty. They also discuss the arcade-like nature of the Arena Commander, which allows for more casual and repetitive practice compared to the more time-consuming process in the normal universe of Star Citizen.

The content creator then proceeds to participate in a classic race in the offline mode of Arena Commander. They discuss the changes in the flight model and UI of the game mode, expressing excitement about being able to organize racing events and practice without punishment for crashing. They select their favorite race track and use the M50 ship to race.

Throughout the video, the content creator experiences some crashes and struggles with the controls and ship maneuverability. They express frustration with their performance but also mention that they are improving as they continue to practice. They also mention the importance of proper control settings and express a desire for the ability to reset laps in the racing mode.

In the final part of the video, the content creator realizes that their controls were not properly set up, which affected their flying and performance. They make adjustments and experience a significant improvement in their racing. They discuss the joy of pushing their limits and the addictive nature of the racing experience. The content creator concludes by expressing their love for the racing aspect of Star Citizen and promising to continue improving their skills.