Star Citizen Prepares For Alpha 3.19 - Loads Of Events Now On!

The Star Citizen news provides an update on current events within the Star Citizen game universe. There are two community racing events, the Crux Cup and the System Seven Racing League, as well as the Beacon or the at-con 24-hour live stream. The current patch, Alpha 3.18.2, is live, and the Xeno Threat Dynamic event will end on May 2. There have been server issues, but Cloud Imperium are applying hotfixes to deal with them. Despite players asking for the Xeno Threat Dynamic event to be turned off, Cloud Imperium wants to treat the underlying issues that are causing problems in the game. Fleet Week is coming up, starting on May 19 or 20, which will feature a big ship sale, expo, free fly, and new straight flyball ships.

Jump Point, a subscriber magazine, is covering Lordville, Anvil back catalog, RSI bangle, and the origins of Pyrotechnic Amalgamated. Inside Star Citizen, a weekly show, is back on the air and talking about the upcoming 3.19 and 3.20 patches. Lawville 2.0 updates will be included in the 3.19 patch, making the city much bigger, but the internal sections will mostly remain the same.